Memories of a Dying System

mostly just knee jerk commentary and dumb jokes

i don’t have the html  script for it but i took a 'Which Harry Potter Character Are You The Most Like” quiz and i got harry potter. this week: 1. 19 COPs won’t do 2. Mi’kmaq kick out the frackers 3. Thai pigs back the fuck down 4. Front End Loader Dreams 5. Greek cops on Fire 6. B.o.B. 7. Zwarte Piet is Racism

My semi-sanity this xmas has been brought to you by noise cancelling headphones

Anyone who says no man is an island hasn’t met me yet.

is it over yet

I wish there could be another Halloween soon so I can dress up as Linus from Charlie Brown and tell people what Xmas is all about. Linus was my fav even before that happened.

also i don’t understand why anyone would name a flower after a cup of butter.

can’t figure out what’s worse: christmas music or white people rapping


—Memorial (ft. FRIENDZONE)

my memory remembers only what it wants to remember

September: I’m so successful at life, I washed my sheets!

October: I don’t need to wash them again I can just put a clean blanket over top

November: If I wear a toque to bed all the time i don’t need to wash my pillowcases anymore

December: if i wear a coat to bed i don’t really even need to wash my sheets anymore what is the point of washing sheets.

i really have a bad time with breaking things. like half the shit i own is broken. worried about how hard it is for me to take care of things/people/myself and how this makes me a horrible lover. enough pity talk though, if i wanted to believe in love i would but i don’t so i won’t. 

on an unrelated note, i was thinking about a lot about this guy joachim stroink who i wish i didn’t know. i usually don’t wage my political fights against one human because i think the problem is much more systemic than that. but it brought to light a lot of racist shit that has been going on unchecked in this city for so long. i don’t think i even really want to get into the debate because it is so frustrating and would probably be really triggering on so many levels. i’m not really qualified to talk about Dutch race relations, but I know they had a slave trade, and I know that was normalized into their culture even after slaves were abolished. The feeling of enslavement must be the worst feeling ever, even worse than being nailed to a cross, because then at least you die with a little bit of dignity and a sweet legacy. i wonder how christians would feel if we posed smiling on the lap of a suffering jesus, made to look happy for our enjoyment.